Sino-U.S. Panel

Sino-U.S. 2040: lessons from the past

A number can tell a story. To the year of 2020, the number 2040 is of particular significance.
According to Economic Nobel laureate Robert Fogel, the year 2040 will witness China’s
ascension as the world’s largest economy, outputting 40% of the world’s total GDP. We wish to
dedicate this year’s Sino-U.S. panel to an in-depth discussion on the evolution of Sino-U.S.
diplomacy over the past 40 years as well as trade relations over the past 20 years to envision the
world of 2040!

Zhao Jian
Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Chicago


Jeffery Lehman
Vice Chancellor, New York University Shanghai
Former President, Cornell University;
Former Dean, University of Michigan Law School

Suisheng Zhao

Director, Center for China-U.S. Cooperation, University
of Denver

Sports Panel

E-volution--From a Byte to a Trend

The Sports Panel will focus on the growing Esports world and explore the development
prospects of this industry. According to Newzoo, in 2019 the global Esports market generated
revenues of more than $1 billion for the first time. The global Esports audience grew to 460
million. Capital entry, policy support, 5G, AI, VR, and other technological innovations have
brought vitality and abundant opportunities to the worldwide Esports industry. Please join us and explore the secrets behind the Esports and deeply analyze the new gold rush in the 21st century.


Neo Liu

Head of Publishing, North America at Tencent

John Knauss

Manager, Esports Data and Analytics, Riot Games

Shen Bo

Vice President of International and Innovative Business, RNG Esports

Zhu Linxiang

Founder and CEO, Venue China

Business Panel

Finding New Audiences in the US and Chinese Markets

This year’s Business Panel is proud to present Mission Possible: Finding New Audiences in the
US and Chinese Markets. The theme is inspired by the continued growth of foreign investment
into China and the more recent trend of Chinese companies expanding into the US. The
discussion will encompass existing market entry strategies that firms from both regions of the

world employ to enter each other’s respective market, how macroeconomic policies and events
may influence the business landscape in the two markets, and delve into unique underdeveloped market segments. We cordially invite you to join us on March 28th to hear what our distinguished speakers have to say about the exciting new decade.

Jerry(Gang) Lou
Founding Partner, Everpine Capital Limited

Brian(Xun) Wu

Founding Faculty Director, China Initiatives at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Climate&Energy Panel

Practical Approaches towards a Green Future

The decline of Arctic ice, Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations Climate Summit,
Australia’s devastating bushfires, a series of climate-related news has transpired in 2019 and
signified the urgency to accelerate climate actions. From the Renewable Energy Law to green
finance, China closely follows the pace towards green growth.
Please join us for a panel discussion on March 29th. We believe the discussion focalizing climate governance, corporate climate actions, and green technologies can give you unique insights regarding the practical approaches towards a green future.

Li Junfeng
First Director and Chairman, Academic Committee of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and
International Cooperation (NCSC)

Chen Anning

President and CEO, Ford China

Bruce Belzowski

Managing Director, Automotive Future Group, UM Transportation Research Institute
Xixi Chen
Manager, Climate Corps & Supply Chain Team, Environmental Defence Fund NYC Office
Ya Sha Yi
Professor, ECE & Energy Institute, UM Dearborn & Ann Arbor

Education Panel

Connect education between the US and China: What's our future?

In the past four decades, the education cooperation between China and the U.S. has gradually
deepened. Our theme for this year is to review the history of education collaboration between
two nations and look ahead to future challenges and opportunities from a global perspective. The primary goal of our panel is to provide a platform for the audience to explore the interaction between the education of China and the U.S. We hope to provide insights on education development in both countries from a global vision; and explore how these developments socially as well as economically affect educators, scholars, and students from both countries.

Dean, School of Education, University of Michigan
David Hung
Associate Dean, University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute
Ma Yingyi
Director, Asian/Asian American Studies at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Laurel Capobianco

President of BCC International Education Group
Kevin Miller
Professor, School of Education, University of Michigan

New Media

The Damocles Sword of New Media in this era: side-effect & power of contagion

Whether a graduation ceremony or TV clip, an NBA event or the Wuhan nCoV outbreak, people browse media and receive notifications everyday. The general public either shares media or is captured on camera by strangers. When New Media saturates routine communication, the underlying facts, privacy and influences on the public are enormous and unpredictable. The 2020 Fireside Chat Team will run a short video contest to provide a platform for Chinese international students to share their true lives overseas through VLOGs. The contest will gather guests and speakers to explore the mechanisms of New Media publicity.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker



The Career Panel is a brand new initiative that provides insights into different career paths in this increasingly globalized world. This panel will feature three human resource professionals from world renowned companies, the founder of a career coaching start-up, and an alumnus.

As the immigration policy in the U.S. began to tighten up, it is becoming increasingly difficult for international students to start a career upon graduation in the U.S. The language and cultural barrier also add as an additional challenge to this conflicting situation. Meanwhile, more and more students are interested in embracing new ventures overseas and exploring career options in other countries. The Michigan China Forum is hoping to provide the campus community with the necessary resources to build a successful career either as an international student in the U.S. or as a U.S. student to secure a career overseas

Guest Speaker

Jerry Sun

Founder & CEO, Wall Street Tequila


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