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Main Forum: The Future of US-China Relations

What new challenges have been posed on the US-China relationship under the new administration and an inward facing global economy? What does the future hold for US-China bilateral trade? What new opportunities and conflicts arise when “Michigan Manufacturing” meets “Made in China”? How might innovations from the younger generation provide avenues to a resolution?    

On March 26 9am-12pm at Ross School of Business, #MichiganChinaForum is proud to present an unprecedented and transparent dialogue between leaders from the two nations. Join the following speakers for a diverse perspective on the future of US-China relations. Stay tuned for more details on live streaming!


Hong Lei

Chinese Consul General in Chicago

Carol Cain

Nine-time Emmy award winning producer
Host of "Michigan Matters"
Veronica Wu
Co-President at CSC Group
Managing partner of Hone Capital
Jun Ni
Director of S.M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center at University of Michigan
Brian Conners
Michigan-China Innovation Center

Fireside Chat: China Economic Outlook

As the most attractive economic entity in the past three decades, China witnessed the emergence of its financial market. However, China’s financial market is still under-developed compared to that of developed countries such as US. First, market regulations are not well-established. Second, the tradable commodities are not diversified enough. Due to these factors, the financial market cannot attract or preserve value of the existing capital. The lack of investment methods needs to be resolved in the near future.

Qing Ma
Chief China Economist at Institute of International Finanace

Harry Man

Partner at Matrix Partners China

Dwight Carlson

CEO of Coherix

M.S. Krishnan

Associate Dean at Ross School of Business

Yanbing Zhang

Chief Strategy Analyst
Zheshang Security

Qing Ma

Chief China Economist at Institute of International Finanace
Bing Wang
General Manager
Digital Banking Business Unit-Operation Center
Jing Luo
Jason Hall
Frontier Economics

Panel: Mass Media

The popularity of online media has reached a new zenith, both in China and in US. However, the accuracy of the data online cannot be guaranteed. As online media continues to gain market share, they are challenging the authority of traditional paper media. In US, the issuance of newspaper has decreased 9% in 2015. During the 2016 election, 65% Americans chose to use the Internet to obtain information and 44% chose to use social media. This indicated the socializing trend within news itself.

Ning Wan
Qiang Ma
Black Diamond Media Group

Timothy Lin


Hong Yu

Assistant Professor
School of Communication at USC Annenberg
Chain Zhang
Vice President
Global Affairs at Synced Technology Co.

Panel: Disrupting Mobility in the U.S. and China

What is the state of art of autonomous driving? How far is it from us?* How will innovative mobility solutions change cities around the world?* What are the opportunities for mobility innovators in the U.S. and China, the two largest automotive markets in the world? Join industry leaders from BMW i Ventures, MCity, ofo 共享单车(world highest-valued bike sharing startup), UM-SMART and former VP at Tesla to be a part of the global mobility disruption.

Huei Peng
Mobility Transformation Center at University of Michigan

Veronica Wu

Co-President at CSC Group
Managing partner of Hone Capital

Grace Lin

Vice President
ofo US
Mark Platshon
Senior Advisor at BMW i Ventures
Managing Director at Icebreaker Ventures
Susan Zielinski
Managing Director at SMART at the University of Michigan

Panel: Entrepreneurship

The rapid economic growth in China brings numerous entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the increasing accessibility of capitals under digital economy and intense competition in recruiting, many people choose to start their own business. However, the government is facing challenges: how to increase the success rate of startup companies and utilize capitals more efficiently?

Roy Kong
Managing Director
SVC Angel

Timothy Lin


Tony Gao

Easy Transfer
Chen Li
Liaoyuan Accelerator

Sam Wang

NewDo Venture

Ziming Li

Joysee Education


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